Pain in the hip can stem from a variety of disorders, but the most common cause is osteoarthritis. About 20% of people over the age of sixty experience symptoms of arthritis in the hip joint. A Cincinnati chiropractor offers safe and effective therapies to reduce joint inflammation, increase flexibility and relieve osteoarthritis pain.

In a normal hip joint, the bones are covered with a layer of firm, rubbery cartilage. This coating reduces friction in the joint and acts as a shock absorber. Continual wear and tear can cause the cartilage to break down and erode away. In an arthritic hip, the rough surfaces of unprotected bone rub against each other causing pain, swelling and deformity.

Symptoms of hip arthritis come on gradually. At first, patients tend to notice joint stiffness when getting up in the morning and pain after walking distances. As the condition progresses, severe pain may be felt in buttocks, groin and thighs where to buy cialis online. Certain movements can produce grinding sensations within the joint. Hip flexibility decreases and a limp may develop.

When a patient with hip pain visits the Cincinnati clinic, they are thoroughly assessed. After discussing their symptoms in detail, the chiropractor examines and x-rays the hip. The patient’s posture, muscle strength and flexibility are evaluated using orthopedic tests. A customized therapy plan is then tailored to meet the patient’s needs.

Hands-on chiropractic techniques can significantly reduce osteoarthritis discomfort. The hip joint is gently rotated through its normal range of motion to free up any restrictions. Targeted massage and stretching loosen and relax the surrounding muscle tissue. Pain decreases as pressure is relieved within the joint and adjacent structures.

The Cincinnati chiropractor takes a holistic approach to hip osteoarthritis. Patients are taught daily exercises to increase their mobility and help prevent further joint deterioration. They are also advised about simple changes to their diet and lifestyle that could help to improve their symptoms.