Why Dr. Elwert?

Dr. Elwert is the first doctor in Cincinnati certified in the Graston Technique! This innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted, soft-tissue mobilization is changing the way clinicians view and treat acute and chronic soft-tissue injuries. And Dr. Elwert was the first in the area to recognize the significance it can play in your recovery.
He is also one of only a few specialists in this area to utilize Functional Movement Screening. FMS is an innovative system used to evaluate the quality of movement patterns to find, and fix, the weakest link. It uncovers limitations and asymmetries in the movements of healthy individuals. Take it from the trainer from the World Champion Indianapolis Colts…

“We now use this program, with every player, as a pretest and evaluation tool before we even begin to train them. This individualizes our training and allows us focus on improving weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries in an effort to improve functional movement patterns. It’s the foundation of our program. Everything we do builds off of it. We wouldn’t think of not using this program” – Jon Torine, Head Trainer/Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts

FMS and the resulting treatments have helped many players and athletes suffering from nagging injuries to find the problem and get it corrected. Cross country runners and triathlon athletes from across the state come to Dr. Elwert for FMS when they have an injury that won’t go away.
Here are a few testimonials from Dr. Elwert’s patients;

“Physical conditioning is vital to getting the most out of your golf game. With Todd Elwert, you will work together to find physical weaknesses and develop a program targeting those weaknesses. You will not only get better, you will also increase your range of motion and get stronger and flexible at the same time, which is critical to your golf game.” – Kevin, Golf Pro

“Dr. Elwert,
Just wanted to send you an outcome follow-up and thank you for treating my knees this spring.  I ran a great race in the Flying Pig Marathon, followed by the South Beach Marathon a month later- no knee pain!  But the real payoff was last weekend, when I ran a P.R. and qualified for Boston with a 3:15 in The Columbus Marathon.  I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping me achieve my goals.  The exercises you taught me are now part of my regular training routine, and my knee pain hasn’t recurred.  – Jed, Runner

Don’t Just Relieve Your Pain…Correct the Problem

When Dr. Elwert is finished with your treatment, not only will you pain be gone, you’ll also understand the reason behind the pain and be equipped to prevent it from reoccurring. Some Chiropractors like to extend the length of treatment, but Dr. Elwert simply wants to stop the pain and correct the problem.

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