“Hi Todd I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my back problems. Your TPI golf experience helped me get back to the game I love. Because of all of the medical problems I have had over the years it was difficult for me to play golf without pain. Your exercises helped me not only to play better golf but they helped me walk straighter and taller again. Thanks for your help I will be back after my next back surgery.”
Mike M

“Physical conditioning is very vital to getting the most out of your golf game . With Todd Elwert, you will work together to find physical weaknesses and develop a program targeting those weaknesses. You will not only get better, but you will also increase your range of motion and get stronger and flexible at the same time, which is very critical to your golf.”
Kevin H – Golf Pro

“Dr. Elwert,
Just wanted to send you an outcome follow-up and thank you for treating my knees this spring. I ran a great race in the Flying Pig Marathon, followed by the South Beach Marathon a month later- no knee pain! But the real payoff was last weekend, when I ran a P.R. and qualified for Boston with a 3:15 in The Columbus Marathon. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping me achieve my goals. The exercises you taught me are now part of my regular training routine, and my knee pain hasn’t recurred. Thanks again and hope you are all well!”

“Dr. Elwert,
You treated me for my back problems. Your treatments worked very well. Also the advice you gave me about caring for my back has been very helpful.
I have not been in for a long time. However, I have not gone to another doctor for my problem. On rare occasions I have a little problem with my back. At that time I just follow your instructions for exercise and it gets better.”

“I appreciate you very much for your treatments. You are not only a good doctor but you are a person who is friendly and genuinely concerned for people. Also your staff was very friendly. Whenever I went to your office it was always a pleasant visit.”

My name is Mary, I am a junior in High School. During the last soccer game of my freshman year, I managed to bruise my radial head in my elbow, strained a bunch of tendons, and even messed up my ulnar nerve. I was put in as many braces, splints, and slings as possible and was even put through physical therapy. When it seemed to get better I began to swim, but that only aggravated the nerve, and was put back into physical therapy. The past 3 swim seasons I have swam in a total of 8 meets, and that was at the end of this swim season that my doctor told me to go find a new sport. I was devastated, but could I do?

It got to the point where I couldn’t even write for a long period of time without sending a pain down my arm. Since my elbow was hurting for so long, I started to baby it which messed up my shoulder and back. That is when I was sent to Dr. Elwert. Within 3-1/2 weeks I am able to play basketball, throw a football, which if I even attempted before, would just have set me back another 2/3 months.

I am even on track to swim my senior year which makes me even happier! I just wish I would have came to Dr. Elwert sooner!