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Physical Fitness and Golf

Fitness plays a major role in golf and many golfers workout regularly. You can see this whenever you watch a PGA tournament these days. Many of the top golfers are also in top physical shape. Unfortunately, many golfers are performing exercises or stretches that negatively affect their game. Golf is like any other sport. You need sport specific exercises and stretches to optimize the effects of the workout. Strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and stamina all play an integral role in your golf swing/game. These elements need to be properly and incorporated in your fitness program. Many swing faults can be reduced or eliminated when physical limitations are addressed.
Our golf fitness program focuses on the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Posture

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instruction

Is Pain Keeping You From Playing Golf?

Don’t let your body’s physical limitations hold you back! We can identify which parts of your body are limiting your golf game.
As a TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Dr. Elwert will develop a fitness program that will reduce your physical limitations and build on your fitness strong points. The TPI fitness program is a successful program utilized by numerous tour professionals and other golfers around the world.

Strong golf performance begins with a strong body. Your body ultimately determines distance, accuracy and consistency in your golf game. We conduct a complete fitness analysis to help identify areas in your body that may be limiting your golf game. You will receive a complete fitness plan of golf-specific exercises that focus on the fundamental mechanics of the swing and the physical demands of the game. A customized fitness agenda will be created to meet your individual needs, resolve your shortcomings and enhance your strengths. I will focus on eliminating pain and postural faults with deep tissue therapy to restore the physical condition necessary for complete performance and injury prevention. You will develop a heightened body awareness that will result in increased range of motion, improved posture, enhanced coordination, better balance, increased flexibility, added endurance, superior strength and more power. To learn more about our golf fitness program or our Titlelist Performance Institute certification, visit the Titlelist Performance Institute website.

Individual Packages and Group Rates Available

Call to find out more about our reduced rates for college and high school golf team members as well as group rates.

Typical Golf Issues and Injuries

Golf injuries: S posture
Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of all golfers. This is usually due to the high-velocity rotary forces that are applied upon the lumbar spine during the golf swing. One of the most common causes of low back pain in all golfers is the lower crossed syndrome or S posture.
Simply stated, the lower crossed syndrome is a group of weak muscles combined with over-active or tight muscles that creates a predictable movement pattern in the lower back that can lead to injury.

For example, if you sit in a chair for 8 hours a day, over time, your hip flexors will become short and tight. Therefore, your brain will automatically start to shut down or inhibit your gluteal muscles (butt) which are on the opposite side. This combination leads to an excessive arching or rounding up your lower back (swayback), a protruding abdomen, and a flat butt due to weakness in the gluteals. This is a very dangerous combination of muscle imbalances because it creates excessive stress on the structures of the lower back.
The good news is this posture is very easy to correct. There are stretches specifically meant to lengthen your hip flexors and lower back muscles and exercises to develop and strengthen the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Once these muscle imbalances are corrected, you can work on developing strength in a stable, neutral, lower back posture.

Physical conditioning is vital to getting the most out of your golf game. With Todd Elwert, you will work together to find physical weaknesses and develop a program targeting those weaknesses. You will not only get better, you will also increase your range of motion and get stronger and flexible at the same time, which is critical to your golf game. – Kevin, Golf Pro