Around 3% of the general adult population suffers from sciatica. This debilitating condition can cause intense, persistent pain throughout the entire leg. Prescription drugs may help to assuage the symptoms, but do not resolve the underlying issues. A Cincinnati chiropractor relieves sciatica pain safely and effectively using gentle spinal adjustments and deep tissue massage.

The sciatic nerve emerges from the base of the spinal cord, threads through the pelvis and runs down the legs. Because it is the longest continuous nerve in your body, a variety of symptoms can develop if it is trapped or pinched. They include sharp pains or dull aches felt anywhere between the hips and feet. Patients may also experience tingling, burning or cramping sensations. As the disorder progresses, patients may find it difficult to move or control the leg.

Sciatica is most commonly caused by a herniated disc in a lumbar area. If the disc ruptures, the soft gel center can bulge out and compress the sciatic nerve. Sciatica can also occur when vertebrae in the lower back become misaligned and narrow the nerve passage in the spinal column.

During their initial visit to the Cincinnati chiropractic clinic, sciatica sufferers are thoroughly assessed additional resources. The doctor reviews their symptoms before performing a physical examination. He then conducts neurological and orthopedic tests. MRI scans are used to pinpoint the source and location of the sciatic nerve constriction.

The chiropractor realigns the vertebrae and widens the space around the spinal cord using gentle spinal adjustments. This releases the pinched sciatic nerve and alleviates pain at the source. This procedure is followed by deep tissue massage to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension and restore mobility.

Once the sciatica symptoms have been resolved, the Cincinnati chiropractor assists patients with recovery and physical rehabilitation. Therapeutic exercises help to improve posture, increase range of motion and strengthen leg muscles. Patients are also advised about ways to avoid future spinal problems.

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