Prolonged sitting is one of most stressful positions for your cervical and lumbar spine. For most place a lumbar support in her seat and sit back into the cushion which will not only support the lumbar spine but will prevent increase of the thoracic and upper back curvature. Also, make sure you look directly into your computer while doing your desk work.

Sitting can be very detrimental to your cervical spine and also lumbar spine: Prolonged sitting or standing is a very detrimental position. For instance, let’s examine the sitting position. If you are in a slouched sitting posture your pelvis is in a posterior tilt, more weight on the posterior aspect of the ischial tuberosities, your lumbar spine is in a very flat position, your chest is in a compressed state, your cervical spine is in an anterior translation. From this position take a deep breath, very difficult.

Secondly, lets have you reach forward, you are now bending from the low back thus increasing more pressure under your lower lumbar spine and your scapula’s are protracted, adding stress to your upper thoracic and shoulder region. Now let’s reposition for the correct posture. Sit up straight, put a lumbar roll in the small of your back, now your pelvis is more in an anterior pelvic tilt, your weight is on the ischial tuberosities more on your thigh region. The scapulas are in a more neutral position with less strain on your shoulders. The cervical spine is more in a neutral position. It’s much easier to take in deep inspiration. The less strain you put on fascia, muscles, ligaments the better you will perform.


Dr. Todd Elwert
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