One of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractic doctor is for help with back pain. Much of the pain is related to problems of the spine. The bones, called vertebrae and connective tissues in the back are subject to injury. A Cincinnati chiropractor can help to restore balance so healing occurs.

In addition to providing support to the body, the spine also protects the spinal cord. Nerves branch off this direct link to the brain and pass through openings in and through the vertebrae. If the spine is out of balance, these bones and other structures they can become pinched or otherwise irritated. As a result, the individual experiences pain.

Chiropractors use their hands to perform spinal adjustments. The thrusts used gently force the bones back into their normal position, allowing healing to occur. As the structure heals, the pain subsides.

Back pain may also be related to disc problems. The discs are cartilage structures that provide cushions to the vertebrae. A disc consists of a fibrous outer layer that surrounds a more liquid center. Injuries to the disc can allow the outer layer to tear. The torn outer layer allows the fluid center to leak outside its normal boundaries. These materials can press on nerves and lead to pain.

Chiropractors offer care for injured discs. They provide gentle stretching that helps to draw the inner layer back into place so the disc is allowed to heal. Once the pressure is removed from the nerve it can also heal. As nerves heal, messages are transmitted correctly between the brain and body, reducing the pain experienced.

A Cincinnati chiropractor uses noninvasive methods to help injuries causing back pain to heal. The doctor does not depend on surgery or medication. Surgery often complicates the healing process. Medication only masks the pain. Chiropractic allows the natural abilities of the body to take charge.